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WACHP Continues to See Good Results in the Courtroom.

Posted on Jun 30, 2023 in Results

Steven Wilson obtained a favorable verdict for his client after a three-day jury trial in Fulton County State Court. The case was one of disputed fault in which defendant made a left turn and was T-boned by plaintiff.  The jury apportioned 30% fault to plaintiff due to evidence that he saw defendant several seconds before the accident but took no action to avoid it. Plaintiff’s primary complaints from the accident were low back pain and right leg sciatica. Notably, plaintiff had a prior low back injury that resulted in limited treatment and an MRI approximately seven months before the accident involving defendant. Throughout the trial, plaintiff portrayed this prior low back injury as a minor injury that had resolved.  After the accident, plaintiff treated with an orthopedist for three months before being discharged at maximum medical improvement and with zero disability. After the initial three-month period of treatment, plaintiff experienced several recurrences of low back pain and right leg sciatica that he related to the accident with defendant. The recurrence of symptoms resulted in additional medical treatment by plaintiff. Total medical bills were approximately $49,000. At the conclusion of plaintiff’s case, the court granted defendant’s motion for directed verdict on plaintiff’s claim for future medical expenses. The last demand prior to trial was $425,000, while the last offer was $51,000. At trial, plaintiff asked the jury for an award of $550,000.  The defense asked the jury to award plaintiff no more than $11,500. After approximately two hours of deliberations, the jury returned a $23,000 verdict.