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Verdict Reduced to Zero Dollars

Posted on Sep 23, 2022 in Results

After a 3-day trial in Fulton County State Court, Rakhi McNeill secured another excellent result for her clients.  After deliberating for an hour, the jury returned with a verdict for plaintiffs for a fraction of the amounts previously offered.  Plaintiffs (husband and wife) alleged permanent neck, back, and shoulder injuries from a minor car accident in which the defendant admitted fault.  Prior to trial, each plaintiff claimed more than $40,000 in treatment.  The defendant’s liability carrier settled on behalf of the defendant prior to suit being filed.  The case proceeded to trial for plaintiffs to recover from their underinsured motorist carrier.   The demands prior to trial were $74,000 for each plaintiff on the UM policy.  The jury returned with a verdict of $5,750 for the husband and $5,400 for the wife.  Given the pre-suit payment by the liability carrier, the verdict will be reduced to zero dollars.