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Svoboda Obtains Defense Verdict in Fulton County

Posted on Aug 25, 2022 in Results

Following a 2-day trial, attorney Alexandra Svoboda obtained a defense verdict for her client in Fulton Superior Court.  The case involved disputed fault between two drivers, including the driver of the vehicle that the plaintiff was a passenger in.  Plaintiff chose to only sued one driver.  It is unknown why he did not sue the other driver.  Plaintiff presented medical bills of approximately $22,000 and alleged neck and back injuries, including a disc protrusion.  Plaintiff had already settled or $25,000 with the liability carrier prior to trial and was offered another $25,000 from the UM carrier prior to trial, which he rejected.  The jury found that plaintiff did not meet his burden of proof on which driver breached their duty toward plaintiff, and found for the defendant.