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Stewart obtains favorable verdict in DeKalb County; verdict considerably less than pre-trial offer

Posted on Mar 22, 2016 in Results

In March of 2016, Marcia Stewart successfully defended a case in DeKalb County in which her client admitted to failing to yield the right of way and entering an intersection causing plaintiff to T-bone the rear of his vehicle.  There was extensive damage, and both vehicles were totaled.  Plaintiff’s airbags deployed and he sustained a “questionable” loss of consciousness at the scene.

The plaintiff was taken to the emergency room from the scene where x-rays were taken and he was kept overnight.  After an approximately 3.5 week gap in treatment, plaintiff sought chiropractic treatment.

The plaintiff presented $8,200 in special damages, and his attorney asked for all special damages and a generous amount for pain and suffering in his closing.  In less than an hour, the DeKalb jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of his ambulance and emergency room bills only, $2,955.  The defendant had offered $10,000 prior to trial.