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Prout and Hoying Obtain Defense Verdict After Three (3) Day Trial in Cobb County

Posted on Sep 09, 2016 in Results

The case involved a rear-end collision with a complaint of injury at the scene and treatment at the ER on the day of the accident.  Plaintiff subsequently treated with a pain management specialist who directly related the injuries and need for treatment to the accident.  Mr. Prout impeached the plaintiff twenty-six (26) times on cross examination regarding her description of the accident, prior injuries/treatment, etc.  Likewise, Ms. Hoying impeached a fact witness (who is a plaintiff in a companion case) numerous times.

Plaintiff’s total medical specials were $22,000.  The highest pre-trial offer was $10,000.  At trial, plaintiff’s counsel asked for $60,000.  The jury returned a defense verdict after three (3) hours of deliberation.