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Make that 7-0 in the Past 7 Weeks

Posted on Oct 10, 2022 in Results

Casey Brown secured a defense verdict in Dekalb County after a two day trial on October 10, 2022. Plaintiff claimed that defendant caused a motor vehicle accident after running a stop sign resulting in permanent injuries to the plaintiff. Defendant denied running a stop sign and contended that plaintiff failed to yield the right of way while turning left. Both parties lived within walking distance of the intersection and agreed that it was a “bad intersection.”

Plaintiff identified four alleged eyewitnesses to the accident during discovery including plaintiff’s wife and another relative. However, plaintiff’s wife was the only witness to testify at trial. Plaintiff also called his treating physiatrist as a witness to speak to the permanency of his injuries. During trial, plaintiff’s credibility became a central issue as both plaintiff and his wife were repeatedly impeached on both the cause of the accident and the alleged permanence of plaintiff’s injuries.

The jury returned a defense verdict within two hours. The jurors believed that plaintiff failed to meet his burden of proof on fault instead believing that “accidents happen” especially at bad intersections.