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Jury’s Verdict Results In No UM Exposure For Rice’s Client

Posted on Dec 04, 2023 in Results

On November 30, 2023, following a three (3) day trial, a Fulton County jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff of just $17,315.  This amount was well below the $152,000 in past medical bills and $97,000 surgical estimate the plaintiff presented.  The case resulted from a 2019 car accident involving a moderate rear-end impact with airbag deployment.  The named defendant admitted fault but disputed that the accident caused the extent of injuries the plaintiff claimed, including herniated cervical discs and a torn rotator cuff.  Ms. Rice’s client elected to defend as the named defendant at trial.  Ms. Rice successfully impeached the plaintiff on cross-examination as to statements made at deposition and in her medical records that showed her claims of severe injury had been greatly exaggerated.  Ms. Rice also introduced images and videos plaintiff had posted to her social media account showing that she continued to engage in her usual daily activities after the accident.  In closing argument, Ms. Rice asked the jury to award an amount that would compensate plaintiff for the early days of her treatment.  The plaintiff introduced testimony from eight (8) witnesses and asked the jury to award over $2,000,000 in damages.  The named defendant’s pre-suit offer was $20,000.  The jury’s verdict will result in no exposure for Ms. Rice’s client