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Jury Sides Finds Against Motorcycle Driver In Brain Injury Case

Posted on Aug 26, 2019 in Results

On August 21, 2019, a Cobb County jury returned with a defense verdict for Jonathan Adelman’s client after only forty-five (45) minutes of deliberations.  Plaintiff claimed over $120,000 in medical expenses and $140,000 in lost wages due to an alleged permanent brain injury and cervical injury.  Plaintiff was thrown from his motorcycle following a series of lane changes by both the defendant car driver and plaintiff.  Plaintiff claimed defendant caused the accident.  Defendant claimed otherwise.  Plaintiff had two (2) medical experts testify via video depositions.  On cross-examination, it became apparent that the experts were in the dark regarding plaintiff’s prior medical history.  Likewise, plaintiff’s eyewitness was impeached with an affidavit which she had previously provided.  Prior to trial, the lowest pre-trial demand was $300,000.  The insurance company’s pre-trial offer was $75,000.