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Jury Returns with a Defense Verdict in Record Time and Leaves Medical Funding Company without a Recovery from which to Collect

Posted on Sep 09, 2018 in Results

In a clear liability case where plaintiff incurred over $280,000 in past medical expenses and underwent spine injections and two (2) shoulder surgeries, Jonathan M. Adelman obtained a defense verdict in favor of his client, the sole defendant in the case.  It took the Fulton County jury of twelve (12) under fifteen (15) minutes to return with the verdict.  Prior to trial, the settlement negotiations broke down with plaintiff’s lowest demand at $380,000 and the defendant’s highest settlement offer at $145,000.  In closing argument, plaintiff’s counsel requested  the jury to return with a verdict in the amount of $846,000.  In closing argument, Mr. Adelman questioned the credibility of plaintiff and plaintiff’s expert and asked the jury to determine that the burden of proof had not been carried.  Notably, a significant portion of plaintiff’s medical expenses had been paid by a medical funding company.  According to the plaintiff‘s contract with the medical funding company, the stated charges for plaintiff’s treatment were significantly greater than what the funding company paid, but the contract still required payment of the stated charges in the event that the plaintiff prevailed