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Posted on Oct 15, 2021 in Results

After a four (4) day trial, Brian McCarthy secured a very favorable jury verdict in the Superior Court of Newton County.  This case involved an admitted fault rear-end accident.  Plaintiff claimed serious spine injuries, receive multiple spine injections, underwent a three (3) level cervical fusion, and had a spinal cord stimulator implanted.  Plaintiff claimed that his injuries left him totally disabled and unable to return to his job as a baggage handler.  Plaintiff’s trial evidence included two (2) surgeons, one (1) pain doctor, one (1) vocational expert, and one (1) economist.  Plaintiff blackboarded special damages in the amount of $1,650,000 (approximately $460,000 in medical bills; $760,000 in future lost wages; $250,000 in future medical bills; and $180,000 in lost wages) and requested the jury to return a verdict of $4,000,000.  During closing arguments, the defense requested the jury either return a defense verdict or a verdict of $50,000.  After approximately two (2) hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $50,000, well under the pre-trial offer.