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Jury Not Fired Up By Alleged Road Rage

Posted on Oct 11, 2016 in Results

In October of 2016, Jonathan Adelman successfully convinced a Gwinnett County jury that plaintiffs’ recovery should be limited to $24,000, significantly less than the longstanding pre-trial offer of $30,000 and the lowest pre-trial demand of $60,000.   The two plaintiffs (a father and his minor daughter) claimed that the defendant reversed into the front of their vehicle in an aggressive fashion.  The plaintiff father alleged a back injury which required chiropractic treatment and epidural steroid injections.  The plaintiff daughter alleged that she sustained a closed head injury and a whiplash type injury.  The total healthcare expenses were $35,000.  Plaintiffs had three (3) medical doctors testify at trial via video depositions.  The jury deliberated for almost three (3) hours.