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Jury Limits Recovery to ER Bill

Posted on Jan 11, 2020 in Results

On January 8, 2020, a Cherokee County jury entered a verdict of only $4,546.75 in favor of a plaintiff who sought $37,000 for past medical bills and over $10,000 in lost wages.  Ashley Rice represented the defendant who admitted to striking plaintiff’s vehicle twice in 2016 but contended that neither impact was very hard.  Plaintiff went to the emergency room a few hours after the accident with complaints of neck, left shoulder, and back pain.  A subsequent MRI revealed a left rotator cuff tear.  Plaintiff was recommended for surgery and underwent multiple injections to her spine.  She claimed to have been unable to work for 7 months.  Following a three (3) day trial, the jury’s award represented the amount of plaintiff’s initial emergency room bill.  Before trial, plaintiff demanded $99,000.  Defendant’s highest offer was $11,500.