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Defense Wins, Jury Awards Plaintiff Tylenol

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 in Results

In July of 2015, Ashley Rice successfully defended an admitted fault motor vehicle accident involving a nearly head-on collision and extensive property damage.  Plaintiff sustained a visible laceration to his head at the scene.  However, he delayed treatment for several days.  Plaintiff subsequently underwent chiropractic therapy and epidural steroid injections for soft tissue back injuries.  His MRI showed two lumbar protrusions.  While plaintiff initially claimed medical expenses of nearly $20,000, he was only able to produce bills from licensed healthcare providers totaling $11,000.  Moreover, his chiropractor testified that he accepted far less than the amount shown on the bill submitted for treatment of plaintiff’s alleged injuries.  The Fulton County jury returned a verdict in the amount of $443.30.  The jury explained that the figure represented a lifetime supply of Tylenol.  Plaintiff’s pre-trial demand was $40,000.  Defendant had offered $12,500.