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Gwinnett County Jury Finds For Empty Chair Defendant

Posted on Jun 10, 2016 in Results

On June 7, 2016, Jared Jacobs and John Alday obtained a verdict in favor of John Doe in Gwinnett County. The plaintiffs alleged that a John Doe driver rear-ended another car, pushing that car into the plaintiffs’ vehicle, causing severe injuries, including a herniated disk in one plaintiff’s cervical spine. On the morning of trial, plaintiffs and another defendant announced a settlement and the named defendant was dismissed from the case.   Through cross-examination of the involved drivers, passengers, and the mechanic, as well as the direct examination of the investigating officer, Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Alday convinced the jury that no John Doe vehicle was involved. The plaintiffs had in excess of $25,000 in medical expenses and asked the jury to award $75,000.  After 36 minutes, the jury returned and found in favor of the defendant. Before trial, the insurance carrier had offered $5,000 to settle the suit