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Fulton County Jury Does Not Relate Knee Surgery to MVA

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 in Results

In August of 2016, Jonathan M. Adelman successfully argued to a Fulton County jury that a 23 year old plaintiff’s knee surgery was unrelated to a side-swipe motor vehicle accident.  Plaintiff alleged that his knee struck the dashboard, necessitating arthroscopic knee surgery to remove some cartilage.  Plaintiff also claimed soft-tissue injuries to his neck and back.  Plaintiff’s surgeon related the condition to the accident.  However, the defendant’s medical expert provided convincing and common sense testimony as to why the condition pre-dated the accident.  Furthermore, plaintiff and his witnesses were successfully impeached at trial.  The total medical expenses were $44,000.  The pre-trial offer was $20,000.  The pre-trial demand was $50,000 for a limited liability release.  The verdict was $10,000.