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Favorable Fulton County Verdict for UM Carrier

Posted on Nov 18, 2022 in Results

Justin Sanders successfully tried a two-day trial to verdict on behalf of a UM carrier. After deliberating for four hours, a Fulton County jury only awarded the plaintiff $25,000, despite introduction of $55,000 in healthcare specials. Prior to trial, the liability carrier had paid its limits of $50,000. The case involved a 2017 automobile accident with moderate damage. Plaintiff sought treatment the day of the accident at an emergency room and subsequently had steroid injections for her cervical spine as well as injections for both elbows. While fault for the accident was admitted, Mr. Sanders argued that the plaintiff failed to carry her burden of proof on issues of causation and damages after successfully impeaching the plaintiff on issues pertaining to prior neck pain and treatment. Plaintiff introduced into evidence the evidentiary depositions of two physical therapist but introduced only medical records and no testimony from a medical doctor. The total exposure to the UM policy was $200,000. Due to the payment of the liability limits, the verdict will be reduced to zero.