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Defense Verdict Issued in Fayette County

Posted on Jul 20, 2023 in Results

Justin Sanders obtained a defense verdict in Fayette County on July 18, 2023, following a two day jury trial. The case involved a 2016 accident with minor property damage. Defendant admitted fault for the accident and the case was defended on the issues of causation and damages. Plaintiff alleged neck, back, and wrist injuries with medical expenses that amounted to $41,500. The treatment included chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, and a lumbar injection. Plaintiff acknowledged a prior neck injury that occurred about ten years ago; however, he was unsure whether he had a prior back injury from that same prior accident. Plaintiff also contended a prior left wrist injury was exacerbated due to the accident. In addition to plaintiff’s own testimony, plaintiff had one of his treating physician’s testify by evidentiary deposition, who related plaintiff’s pain to the accident. Plaintiff was successfully impeached on the stand with his prior deposition testimony and the cross-examination of the treating physician showed her determination was made solely on plaintiff’s subjective complaints of pain and what he told her. Plaintiff asked the jury for an award between $75,000 and $100,000. After thirty minutes of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.