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Defense Verdict in Rabun County

Posted on Aug 31, 2023 in Results

On August 23, 2023, Kevin Reardon and Andrew Panella obtained a defense verdict in the Superior Court of Rabun County for their client who admitted fault for causing the accident.  On the day of the accident, plaintiff treated at the ER and was then transported to another medical center for surgery to repair an aortic tear allegedly caused by the accident.  At trial, plaintiff asserted injuries to his heart as well as life altering depression.  Asserted medical specials were $370,000, all for treatment within three (3) days of the accident.  Plaintiff’s counsel asked for a jury award of all of plaintiff’s medical specials as well as an award for general damages.

On cross-examination at trial, defense counsel successfully impeached plaintiff numerous times by effectively utilizing plaintiff’s prior deposition testimony and pre-accident medical records.  Further, the defense focused on the insufficiency of medical evidence presented by plaintiff to meet the burden of proof as to causation of his asserted injuries.

After deliberating for forty (40) minutes, the jury returned a verdict in favor of defendant.