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Alex Salzillo Obtains One Outright Defense Verdict and One Nominal Verdict In Rear-End Collision Involving Two On-Duty Officers

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 in Results

In July, 2015, Alex Salzillo obtained a defense verdict on the claims of one plaintiff, with the Gwinnett County jury awarding only $1,000 to the other plaintiff.  This was a case in which the defendant rear-ended two on-duty sheriff’s deputies, pushing their vehicle forward into another vehicle.  The defendant admitted that he negligently caused the accident.  Both officers complained of soft tissue injuries at the scene and went to the emergency room on the date of the accident.  The officers then followed up with their primary care doctors and an orthopedist, and they received chiropractic treatment.  One plaintiff was diagnosed with a concussion/closed head injury and soft tissue injuries and presented medical expenses of $9,000.  The other plaintiff was diagnosed with a possible rotator cuff tear and soft tissue injuries, and presented medical expenses of $6,000.  At trial, Mr. Salzillo was able to impeach one plaintiff numerous times regarding prior similar injuries and treatment.  Further, the other plaintiff testified on cross-examination that his non-accident-related chiropractic treatments cost $20 in comparison to his $170.50 accident-related treatments.  In closing, plaintiffs’ counsel asked the jury to award roughly $60,000 to one plaintiff and $43,000 to the other.  The pre-trial offers were $12,900 and $10,800, and plaintiffs’ lowest demands were $19,000 and $18,000, respectively.