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Alex Salzillo Holds Verdict to Pre-Trial Offer in DeKalb County

Posted on Oct 25, 2015 in Results

In October, 2015, Alex Salzillo obtained a favorable verdict from a DeKalb County jury on behalf of his client, who was not present for trial. The case stemmed from a moderate rear-end collision that totaled the plaintiff’s vehicle. The defendant admitted fault for the accident, leaving the issues of injury causation and damages for the jury.

The plaintiff was transported from the scene of the collision to the hospital and followed up with his primary care doctor a few days later. Thereafter, the plaintiff began an extensive course of chiropractic and pain management treatment, completing his treatment roughly a year after the accident. His healthcare bills totaled $15,625.40.

In closing, the plaintiff’s attorney asked the jury to award no less than $50,000. The jury returned a verdict for the amount of the plaintiff’s bills, $15,625.40. ┬áPrior to trial, the defendant had offered $15,500. The plaintiff’s lowest formal demand was for $48,000.