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Adelman Secures Dismissal in Fulton County

Posted on Jan 01, 2008 in Results

Jonathan M. Adelman secured a dismissal with prejudice in favor of his insured client following an extremely effective cross-examination of the plaintiff in the presence of a Fulton County jury. The plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries and more than $13,000 in healthcare expenses as a result of a clear liability motor vehicle accident. As part of his diligent investigation of the plaintiff, Mr. Adelman obtained a deposition from another case in which the plaintiff denied, under oath, sustaining any real injuries in the motor vehicle collision with Mr. Adelman’s client. When presented with that deposition testimony as part of Mr. Adelman’s impeachment effort, the plaintiff actually asked to confer with his lawyer in the presence of the jury. The request was denied, and the impeachment was successful. After all of the evidence closed, the plaintiff’s attorney chose to dismiss with prejudice in lieu of proceeding with closing arguments.