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Adam Smith Wins Third Trial In A Row

Posted on Apr 19, 2017 in Results

In March 2017, Adam Smith won a jury trial in Cobb County in which the plaintiff alleged incurred medical expenses of $112,000 and lost wages of $10,000.  Plaintiff underwent a low back surgery after the accident and her doctor testified that the surgery was directly caused by the accident.  Plaintiff asked the jury to award a minimum of $380,000 in damages; however, the jury awarded only $11,112.  This March 2017 verdict follows two other recent jury trial wins for Adam Smith:

In a January 2017 jury trial in Cherokee County, plaintiff sought total damages in a range of $28,000 to $38,000 and alleged ongoing problems with her right shoulder; however, the jury awarded $5,836.

In an October 2016 jury trial in Newton County, plaintiff underwent a neck surgery following a serious collision at an intersection; plaintiff sought total damages of more than $980,000; however, the jury awarded $133,480.26, which was about $17,000 below the last pre-trial settlement offer from the defense and nearly $850,000 below the amount plaintiff asked the jury to award at trial.